Putting, Chipping, and Pitching

The short game is the most neglected part of the game. If the average golfer
              manage his or her business like they manage there practice with golf, they would 
              be filing for bankruptcy.
              I want you to think back at the last round you played. This is the data I need you to
              keep track of on every round played.
              1) How many strokes did it take to get to within 100 yards of the green?
              2) From just off the green (chipping or pitching with-in 100 yards) how close to
                  the flag stick did your shot get? (VERY IMPORTANT) Why?

                   A) You must know the distances that need to be practiced at the range.
                        (example 15 feet, 20 yards, 70 yards)

                   B) You should have a comfortable lay-up distance on par 5's, or if on a par 4
                       there is no chance of hitting the green, to have a confident distance for your game.

                     *(Many golfers think the closer to the green is better)*

                    This is not the case. Most professionals, low handicaps, and sand baggers have a
                    comfortable distance between (40 to 90 yards)