How I Build / or Improve your Golf Swing Mechanics:

1) Pre-Swing Principles: 
       A) Grip
       B) Posture / Stance
       C) Aim / Alignment
       D) Ball Position
A) Grip - The grip is crucial  because it is the closest part of your body to the club,
               especially the top hand. ( left for righties and right for lefties )
               If the top hand is not attached to the handle correctly, it will collapse (breakdown)
               which creates a number problems. ( I will get into later )

B) Posture / Stance - Also very important is the the way you position your body up to the club.
                When taking your stance, you have to be in a position so your can swing free which
                allows the club to swing free.

C) Aim / Alignment - Again a key component that your body is aligned to your target, this allows the 
                the club head to go down the ball line (target line)

D) Ball Position - One of the most important principles and in my experience, the ball placement is
                misunderstood. (especially with chipping and pitching)
                The ball has to be positioned to your left arm (upper body) not to your feet. That is why
                when you see the pro's on tv many of them in there pre-shot routine have there feet close
                together (lining there upper body up to the ball first) then they widen there feet.

I will get into the Pre-Swing Principles in more detail as we go through the different clubs. For example
when putting the grip, posture and ball position can vary. Chipping the grip can be different and the stance
as well.