Chipping is a putting stroke with a lofted club

  1. to chip, use any of the following clubs: 7,8,9, pitching, or sand wedge
  2. the best and most basic plan is to carry the ball; you want to raise the ball high enough so that it lands on the green, or wherever you want it to land
  3. based on how much green you have to work with and how far the green is is how you choose which club you use
  4. HINT: your decision of the club you use should be motivated by making the shot become a putt asap

Ways to Chip
  • use a regular club but choke down to the shaft, or
  • use your putting grip and make the club the length of your putter

Rule of Thumb:
  • to get the ball closer to the green, have your feet close together

When using the putting stroke for chipping, the heel of the club should be off the ground
  • it is ok to aim for the toe of the club sometimes because it will deaden the contact for downhill shots; you do not always need to hit the sweet spot when chipping

The main idea of chipping and pitching shots is to get the ball out of the rough, fairway, or sand and onto the most consistent surface, which is the green, with the ball rolling like a putt towards the hole