With JC Video we are able to provide our students with live video playback of their swing. The recorded lessons can be paused allowing you to view and consider what corrections should be addressed.

One camera records the swing and the path of the club. The other camera is positioned to record the student's swing from a different angle and also records the flight of the ball once it is struck. This allows you to view the club face and at what angle from the ground did the ball "take off".

With video feedback I am able to view the address, top of the backswing, impact position (when the club actually hits the ball) and follow through with my students during their lessons. This helps the student "see" their swing, frame by frame. Using basic digital illustration tools such as lines, angles and circles, I can demonstrate, highlight, and discuss any motion which may require attention and analysis.

My students and I also have the opportunity to compare previous lessons and view how their swing has progressed.