Practice Drills & Exercises in your home or at work (if possible)

It's important to understand basic fundamentals to improve and develop your golf swing. I think most of you know what a good swing looks like, and try to mimic or copy professionals. Whether you read magazines, watch the Golf Channel, videos on YouTube, or get advice from other players.

My approach is to teach you what the tool does (The Golf Club). Why is that? If you practice the swing without knowing the positions of the club, then it's impossible to know what body parts need to be developed.

All of us have heard of Muscle Memory, right?

Memorizing incorrect swing thoughts doesn't mean you are building the right muscle groups. That is the danger of instructional books, videos, The Golf Channel and poor instruction. Why? Let's say you have a stomach ache and you go to the Doctor, and he says; "Go into Rite Aide with your eyes closed and grab the first bottle of pills."

My point is that what you read about or told in reference to the golf swing may have
nothing to do with what YOU have to work on.

Here are some of the drills and exercises you can do: (5 minutes a day)= (400 to 500 balls)

What you need (you can find at home) So there are no excuses!!!!! I don't know anybody that doesn't have at least 5 minutes a day. It's up to you. Want to improve?

1) short iron- 8, 9, pitching wedge (if you don't have a club I will give you one)
2) two yellow sticks (I give to all of my students) or wooden dowels
3) chopstick, straw, pencil, pen or pretzel rod
4) impact ball, stuffed animal, a large sponge, or roll of toilet paper

A) Lay the sticks down parallel to each other (4 to 5 inches apart)
B) Put your feet together to start.
C) Chopstick or Straw in your mouth and point it at a spot between the sticks.
D) Put the impact ball, sponge or stuffed animal between your forearms just above your wrists.
E) Take your short iron and swing the club between the sticks in both directions. At first, don't take the club and your arms back any higher than your waist in either direction.

* The keys are keeping the chopstick from moving as much as possible.
* Try not to hit the sticks with your club (in either direction).
* Keeping the impact ball, sponge, stuffed animal or toilet paper from getting loose or dropping from between your forearms.
* It's very important that you swing the club in both directions without stopping. This allows you to get the exercise done without cutting into your busy schedule.

Remember only 5 minutes (no excuses) if you want to improve your game and you don't have the time to go hit balls every day, do this and trust me your mechanics will improve.
Also, you don't have to do it for 5 minutes straight. Start out with 30 seconds, then 45 and keep increasing your stamina every day. (A few minutes a day is equivalent to hitting hundreds of balls at the range).

Important: the muscles that should get tired. (This will vary depending on each person's age, sex, physical condition, past injuries, etc.)
1) Forearms especially your lead arm (left arm for righties and right arm for lefties)
2) Back lower right side for righties (lower left for lefties)
3) Upper left side by ribs (upper right for lefties)
4) Abdominal front and sides (good for the love handles)

*Do the drills at your own pace. The muscles that need to be developed are ones that most of you have never used.
For example, right-handed golfers very rarely use the left hand and arm. How many of you swept the kitchen floor or garage with a 6-inch whisk broom? Or raked leaves with a 1-foot rake for an hour without stopping?

My point is good golfers have got used to hitting balls from a bend at the waist. Staying with the ball until after impact is the most difficult and unnatural part of the golf swing. The other is keeping the lead arm straight on the backswing and downswing until well after impact.

I always tell my students the three things that are written in stone:
1) Head still
2) Left arm straight
3) Relax
All professional golfers have been practicing these things for their whole career

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.