"Jon rebuilt my game from the ground up. He added 30 yards to my seven iron, and fifty yards to my driver. He teaches just the right amount of theory and fundamentals. I still make plenty of mistakes, but I can now correct myself, I now know what I did wrong, and I know what to work on. Since taking lessons with Jon I went from a 30 handicap to 23. Best of all, Jon remembers to always make the game fun. THANKS JON!"
Richard K- Riveredge, NJ

"Jon has done a wonderful job with my golf game. Over the 8-9 years we have worked together, he has re-tooled my golf game, one step at a time. He has never tried to totally change my swing; other golf professions have suggested that I need to have "heart surgery", Jon on the other hand, has taken it one minor surgery at a time. This approach works best for me. As a result, I have reduced my handicap by 1/3 and have won numerous tournaments within my handicap range. THANK YOU JON!!!!"
Ira C.- Alpine, NJ

"I haven't been playing golf long enough to know very much about the game other than to know that I CAN LEARN IT. I do however know something about teaching because I have done that. Teaching is not so much about knowing your subject as it is about knowing how to get your knowledge across to others. This is both an acquired skill that comes from studying the craft, as well as a gift the can neither be learned or copied. Jon Manos has that gift.
Jon is so absolutely committed to both the game and your mastery of it that he is able to completely and totally focus on you as a student during each minute of your lesson. This is not an easy feat, and it instills in a student a feeling of support and commitment. It is this feeling that has and will continue, to keep me coming back.
I started lessons in April and could NOT hit the ball. I am now hitting an 8 iron about 130 yards, and more importantly, straight. If you want to pay good money for bad results;don't call Jon Manos. If on the other hand you want to learn the game of golf, then call Jon Manos and ONLY Jon Manos. I came to Jon under what is universally described as the worst possible conditions. A lifetime of bad habits ingrained in my swing. Although the Wall Street Journal weekend edition suggest that a novice golfer can break 100 after a year of lessons and practice, my negative conditioning required a bit more time and expertise. But not much more. Jon has a professional eye and is able to recondition any swing toward improvement. I know this because after bringing me to the level of acceptable play around the course he continues to improve my swing by clearly building on what I had attained from him before.
Jon starts the training with one of his stories, and he has many of them, saying there is no "magic bullet" in golf. True, it takes a great deal of practice and learning. In my experience thanks to his lessons I was shooting fairways far and straight and hitting greens in ways that profoundly increased my enjoyment of the game. After awhile my swing deteriorated as I had, over time, slipped back into a fraction of my old habits. Jon's quick eye diagnosed my problem and immediately suggested a small change to bring my swing true. This was indeed a "magic bullet" and he has been able to do this for me on more than one occasion. The most significant part of the re-diagnosis is that when my swing comes back, it comes back better than the best it had been before. The reason for this personifies the professionalism in Jon's lessons.
Jon teaches to your swing. Everyone is different and everyone will have different swings as they progress. The fixes are not uniform, not by individual and not to an individual over time. As my flexibility increased, corrections to my swing had more visible and consistent impact. From lob wedge to driver, the wealth of satisfaction and enjoyment you attain from learning the game from Jon Manos comes from the inner knowledge that his is giving you a skill for life."
Don M.- Emerson, NJ
Age: 54

"My game has improved to a point where only a shrink can help me now!"
Mel G- Haworth, NJ

"I've been playing for 12 years. Before I started taking lessons with Jon in 2006, my handicap was 18-20. After one year with Jon, my handicap was down to an 11. The repetition of the most basic elements of the golf swing through Jon's fundamental approach, have brought consistency to the tempo of my swing, the trajectory of my shots and the overall results of my round."
Garrett S- Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Age: 24

"What I love the most about Jon's teaching methods is his sense of humor and also that it's never a case of "you're doing THIS WRONG, or THAT WRONG". What a difference from the other Pros...this was fun!!! He is extremely patient and through him I have seen an improvement in my scores. It's the ongoing encouragement of, "now let's try this," which in the long run corrects what I'm doing. He treats you like a friend, he sincerely wants you to improve your game and to have fun playing it. Each time I needed help, Jon always made time for me, and directed his teaching skills to adjust to my swing, etc. I look forward to "Spring Training" with Jon Manos, and, of course another "Hole in One". I know that due to Jon, my passion for the game remains!"
Louise K- Bergenfield, NJ

"Jon is very patient and understanding. He analyzes your swing and gives you what you need to help your game."
Sue L- Closter, NJ
Age: 55

"My scores before I met Jon were usually 120-125, now it's between 97-105. Jon adjusts his lessons to fit the specific needs of the students. He deals with both the mental and physical issues that are unique to each student and is always encouraging and easy going. He really understands what elements of the swing are important and for improvement and can see what you are doing wrong. He is a really great instructor!"
Richard S.- Manhattan
Age: 59

Jon is an excellent teacher. I was truly struggling when I first went to him. Instead of changing my entire swing, Jon addressed what was wrong and sent me on the proper path. Through Jon's teaching, I have learned how to help myself on the course as well as through practice.
Matt C.- Rivervale, NJ
Age: 37

Great patient method of teaching. Jon knows how to get the most out of your individual abilities and swing. Thanks again Jon!!!
George L.- Harrington Park, NJ

"Jon's style of teaching is both flexible and traditional; via a willingness to take fundamental stroke theory and practice, and teach it through varied and creative strategies. As a teacher, he inspires me. I am continually amazed at the level of patience he maintains for all his students. I can honestly say that I would not have taken a years worth of lessons if it were not for my confidence in his teaching and the success I have experienced. It is with pleasure that I universally recommend him. In fact, my wife and her sister are current beginners and taking lessons with Jon."
Tom P.- Riveredge, NJ
Age: 43

"I've gone from 160 to 99 thanks to Jon, who has taught me everything. Jon is an extraordinary teacher who finds a simple way to convey what needs to be done to improve ball striking."
Jeff F- Englewood, NJ
Age: 54

"I've been playing for 20 years. Jon Manos as a method of teaching golf which combines his expertise in the game with a very relaxed and calming manner of instruction. He is very intense and works you hard because he wants you to improve as much as you WANT to improve your game. This technique makes you strive even harder. Through Jon's expert guidance I was able to correct my grip, swing, alignment and follow through, and I greatly improved my game by taking several strokes off my score."
Paul N.- Paramus, NJ
Age: 68

"Let's just say it's a "light year's" difference. Jon is an extremely capable teacher. He breaks down the swing & works on components effectively. There is no haranguing or harping on deficiencies. It's a total "You can do this" attitude."
Marcia J- Fort Lee, NJ
Age: 68

"Jon has put the driver and 3 wood back in my bag. He has helped me to develop a reputable swing with less left-to-right action."
Mark A-Oradell, NJ
Age: 50

"The repetition of the most basic elements of the golf swing through Jon's fundamental approach have brought consistency to the tempo of my swing, trajectory or my shots & overall results of my round."
Garrett S- Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Age: 36

"Jon has helped my game immeasurably! He is able to work around some physical limitations with real success. His advice is something I can internalize & helps me tremendously to improve my swing."
Jerry J- Fort Lee, NJ
Age: 74

"Jon is one of the best teaching pros in the tri-state area! I have been playing golf for 50 years and through Jon, I have lowered my handicap from a 13 to a 10. His approach is "keep it simple", & "let the club do the work". Jon tries to limit the amount of swing thoughts so that you are not standing over the ball thinking of 20 different ways to try to hit that damn little white ball straight!"
Jay T.- Ridgewood, NJ
Age 61

"I've been playing for 3 1/2 years and went from a 25 handicap to 17 thanks to Jon. Without Jon I would not have a swing. He never gives you more to do than you can handle. He can truly teach any level of player. He brings you along in increments starting with establishing a solid understanding and the mechanics of a proper golf swing. He works with your physical limitations and does not try to get you to do what you cannot physically do."
Nick R.- Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Age: 62

"Jon Manos broke through my accumulated bad habits and re-taught me the game of golf. Jon has the professional eye needed to identify every correction needed as your game progresses. My experience can best be described as dynamic and to the point, as his methods change to the seemingly limitless swing problems I presented. After a few months I felt I had acquired enough to enjoy the game for the rest of my life. I continue with Jon to strive for that every increasing potential all golfers strive for."
Don - Emerson
Age 54

"I played golf for 35 yeas without the benefit of lessons. I got to the point where I had no clue about the proper way to swing a golf club. Since taking lessons with Jon, I have lowered my score from 125 to 100/110. Jon has not only taught me how to swing the club, but to understand the swing. I may not always do it correctly, but at least I know what I did wrong, so that I CAN correct it."
Steve R.- Westwood, NJ
Age: 59

"I began learning about the game of golf from Jon. I barely had a club in my hand, so I was a true beginner. 5 years later I'm shooting in the 90's thanks to Jon. He has a simple method of teaching. He doesn't flood you with many thoughts and he is very patient. He not only helped me with my technique; he also helps me with the mental aspect of the game. Jon truly CARES if you do well. He takes his student's game seriously. I am where I am today because of Jon's expertise about the golf swing."
Penne G.- Glen Rock, NJ
Age: 51

"Jon pointed out all the things that I do that were affecting my direction and distance and he showed me how to correct them. He showed me how to straighten out my drives and the LESSONS ARE ALWAYS FUN!!!!"
Laura W.- Tenafly, NJ
Age: 40

"Jon quickly determines what you need as an individual and then works with you accordingly. I once went to him in the middle of the season to work on a particular problem I was having with my driver. He diagnosed the problem right away and within a few practice sessions, my drives became much more consistent. I went from a 25 handicap to a 19 in one year."
Joe S.- Washington Township, NJ
Age: 48