Our Teaching Philosophy
I believe in the technique of building the golf swing from the ground up.
Basic fundamentals are crucial in order to improve. My students are given
drills and exercises to do at home. 

This is the best part: If you do these drills and exercises for just (5 minutes a day)
its the same as hitting (400-500 golf balls).

If you don't want to take this approach to improve your swing you have 2 other alternatives:

1) Work at a golf course or a range and hit hundreds of balls and day ( like I did for 30 years ) or

2) Spend all day at a range and hit and hit and hit .

This is a very simple and easy approach to improving your swing.
It doesn't matter what level golfer you are.
Professionals, low handicaps, intermediate, and beginners (Basics are Basics)
Basic fundamentals are the cornerstone to a solid golf swing.